Safety enhancing interlayers for laminated glass.


TROSIFOL™ provides diverse glass-laminating solutions, encompassing structural and functional interlayers for enhanced safety, soundproofing, and UV shielding. For interior aesthetics, TROSIFOL™ offers coloured layers, printable interlayers, and other creative materials. The TROSIFOL™ UltraClear™ interlayers stand out for their lowest yellowness index (YID) in the industry.

Industries Used

TROSIFOL™ offers diverse applications, from soundproofing to UV protection, making it indispensable for various industries. Products utilizing TROSIFOL™ benefit global communities by enhancing energy efficiency, boosting safety, and enabling innovative architectural designs.

Elevating building designs with enhanced safety solutions for safer structures.

Enhancing vehicle safety standards with laminated glass

Offering UV-transmitting solutions for improved ambiance.

Elevating interiors with colorful and printable TROSIFOL™ layers.

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Standard grades and properties

Products that use TROSIFOL™ help people around the world by conserving energy, improving safety, and making it possible to create more freely designed architecture. It has a range of applications, from glazing for automobiles and other vehicles, to skylights for some of the world’s most attractive spaces and floorboards, as well as for architectural and structural glazing.


Structural Glazing

Decorative Gazing

UV Control


Security Glazing

Acoustic Glazing

Head-up Display Glazing

Key Characteristics

  • Safety and Security: TROSIFOL™ is a structural and functional interlayer film, ensuring enhanced safety and security when integrated into laminated glass.
  • Sound control: The film’s unique composition offers sound insulation, reducing noise and ensuring a quieter environment.
  • UV Control: TROSIFOL™ protects against harmful ultraviolet rays, safeguarding interiors from potential UV damage.
  • Decorative Applications: Kuraray offers a range of decorative solutions, including coloured, tinted interlayers and digitally printable interlayers, perfect for interior design enhancements.
  • Industry-leading Clarity: The UltraClear™ variant of TROSIFOL™ is renowned for its minimal yellowness index (YID), making it one of the clearest interlayers available.

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