A biomassderived gas barrier material.


PLANTIC™ barrier film is engineered to address the global need for environmental friendly plastics technology. High in renewable materials, allowing for reduced environmental impact and landfill waste. The gas barrier material was created through a of collaborative research between industry and academia in Australia. It has been adopted by major retailers in brand owners and food manufacturers across Australia, Europe, and North America because of its performance and high biomass content.

Behind PLANTIC™ is Plantic Technologies Limited, a established global leader in bioplastics. They’ve won awards and built strong partnerships globally. Based in Australia, they’re growing fast, with clients and offices around the globe, thanks to their ownership by the Kuraray group.


PLANTIC™ stands out with its gas and aroma barrier capabilities, sourced sustainably without genetic modifications. Certified as biodegradable and biobased, it’s safe for food contact, inherently resists oil, and boasts anti-static properties.

PLANTIC™ is more than just a barrier film. It’s a solution for industries looking for green alternatives. Businesses trust it for its outstanding performance and eco-friendly features. Whether it’s packaging food or making labels, PLANTIC™ delivers without harming the planet.

Ensures prolonged freshness extended shelf life aids in efficient chilled food distribution.

Eco-friendly barrier solutions tailored for diverse applications.

Materials that prioritise both product safety and environmental.

Maintaining snacks’ authentic crunch and flavour with eco-conscious protection.

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Food packaging

Industrial Materials

Containers for agrochemicals

Soil fumigating films

Vacuum insulation panels

Districted energy pipes

Standard grades and properties

GradeLaminate composition (outer side, inner side)Packaging shape and applicationThickness (μ)
PLANTIC™ HPPLANTIC™ laminate interlayerBarrier single layer, biodegradable50, 65, 80, 100, 150
PLANTIC™ RVPET / PLANTIC™ / PE (easy peel)Skin pack bottom400
PLANTIC™ EFPE / PLANTIC™ / PEVacuum packaging, blister pack220, 250, 280
PLANTIC™ CFPLANTIC™ / BioPBSBiodegradable barrier sealant85, 100


Key Characteristics

  • Mutlilayer Combinations: Coated or laminated with a wide range of materials including rPET and PE. Plantic becomes the barrier solution ensuring product protection.
  • Formability Excellence: With its exceptional formability, PLANTIC™ is ideal for containers, trays, blister packaging, and deep-draw packaging. Its high gas barrier performance makes it a top choice for MAP, Vacuum and gas exchange packaging. 
  • Versatile Lamination: The barrier layer can be seamlessly laminated with materials like paper, PLA, cellulose film, Bio PET, and more, paving the way for biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions.
  • Barrier Sealant Grade: Available with a starch-derived barrier and sealant layer, ensuring protection and sealability. The specialised grade guarantees an airtight seal, ensuring products remain fresh and uncontaminated for longer.

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