Superior barrier technology and transparency, setting a new benchmark in protective standards.


KURARISTER™, a transparent high-barrier film developed using Kuraray’s proprietary technology. It offers exceptional barrier properties, transparency, and heat resistance. From preserving the freshness of food and beverages to ensuring the integrity of medical products, KURARISTER™ is the trusted choice for multiple industries.

Made after years of research, it’s clear, strong, and safe. People can easily see what’s inside, and businesses love it because it fits many needs. Whether for food, medicine, or other goods, KURARISTER™ makes sure everything stays the way it should.

Industries Used

KURARISTER™ is a series of tarpaulin sheets that combines the benefits of cloth and resin film. It’s versatile and used as protective sheets for construction, promotional banners, and more, making it a staple in various sectors.

Its unique composition ensures the highest oxygen and water vapour barrier level, unparalleled by any existing plastic film. Whether safeguarding food’s freshness or ensuring medical product longevity, KURARISTER™ is the gold standard in barrier film technology.

Maintaining freshness, taste and quality standards with transparent high-barrier films.

Protect medical essentials and ensure product integrity and patient safety in critical care.

With its robust barrier properties the durability and peak performance in industrial products rises.

Enhance electronic components protection for device longevity and consistent functionality.

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Food packaging

Beverage packaging

Industrial barrier panels and sheets

Medical product packaging

Containers for agrochemicals

Soil fumigating films

Vacuum insulation panels

Districted energy pipes


PropertiesMeasurement methodMeasurement
Other conditionsUnitValue
Oxygen transmission rate1ISO14663-220ºC, 85% (out)/100% (in) RHBefore retortcc/m2・day・atm0.3
After retort (120ºC, 30 minutes)0.4
Water vapor transmission rateIn-house method40ºC, 90%RHg/m2・day50
Total light transmissionJIS Z710523ºC, 50%RH%92
HazeJIS Z7105%2.2

Key Characteristics

  • Unparalleled Barrier Properties: KURARISTER™ offers protection against oxygen and water vapour, which ensures products remain pristine and fresh for longer durations. It boasts the highest oxygen and water vapor barrier level among existing plastic films.
  • Crystal Clarity: Beyond its protective attributes, KURARISTER™ is very transparent, letting customers see what’s inside and boosting trust in the product. it offers a total light transmission of 92%, making it one of the clearest barrier films available.
  • Ease of Processability: It fits easily into production processes, similar to PET films, making it simple for manufacturers to switch and benefit from its features. It’s adaptability and superior features makes it ideal for industries ranging from food and beverage packaging to medical and industrial applications.

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