Excellent bonding properties and suitability as a thermoplastic interlayer. 

About MOWITAL™ PVB Thin Film

MOWITAL PVB Thin Film is a versatile thermoplastic interlayer renowned for its strong and durable bonding capabilities. It effectively unites various materials, including metals and glass, providing robustness and reliability in diverse applications. The film is available in four thicknesses ranging from 50 µm to 250 µm, making it versatile for different industrial applications.

Industries Used

MOWITAL Thin Film is a key player in creating strong, multi-layer materials across many industries. It guarantees that every layer and piece is firmly together, from aerospace to wind power stations. It is adaptable to unique industrial challenges, such as replacing thermosetting resins, and can help construct lightweight parts for wind power stations.

Supporting safe flights with strong material bonds.

Boosting race performance with durable compounds.

Backing renewable energy with sturdy materials.

Solving unique challenges with reliable MOWITAL® Thin Film.

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Multi-layer laminates

Thermoplastic prepregs

Lightweight constructions

Special applications

Replacement of thermosetting resins

Standard grades and properties

Key Characteristics

  • Unyielding Stability: MOWITAL™ Thin Film ensures your compounds are stable and exhibit stability that persists through challenges. Stability is crucial in applications where materials face environmental stressors, mechanical strain, or thermal fluctuations.
  • Versatile Bonding: It strongly bonds various materials, from metals and glass to polymer fibres and PU foam. The film’s bonding capabilities help create a bond as strong as the materials it joins, ensuring cohesive and integral structures.
  • Diverse Thickness Options:  With thickness options ranging from 50 µm to 250 µm, MOWITAL™ Thin Film can be customised to meet the specific requirements of various industrial applications.
  • Ideal for Thermoplastic Prepregs: The film is particularly suited for producing thermoplastic prepregs, essential in high-performance industries like aerospace and motorsports.
  • Excellent Properties: MOWITAL™ Thin Film enhances the properties of your compounds. It includes improving mechanical strength, thermal stability, and even aesthetic qualities.

Learn More About MOWITAL® PVB Thin Film

Discover more about MOWITAL® PVB Thin Film and how its top bonding properties can upgrade your compounds.

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Learn More About MOWITAL™ PVB Thin Film

Discover more about MOWITAL™ PVB Thin Film and how its top bonding properties can upgrade your compounds.

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