Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™ - The Essence of Cosmetic Perfection

Discover the magic of multifunctionality in cosmetics with our pioneering ingredient.

Discover Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™

Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™ stands as a cornerstone in Kuraray’s cosmetic ingredient lineup, epitomising the zenith of cosmetic innovation. This multifunctional ingredient ensures that cosmetics feel pleasant on the skin and enhances their properties and gloss, making them a staple in every beauty regimen.

It has been a symbol of cosmetic excellence for years, transforming beauty routines and setting new standards. Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™ isn’t just an ingredient; it’s a commitment to beauty, care, and unparalleled quality.

Where Cosmetic Expertise Meets Multifunctionality

Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™, with its unique properties, is set to redefine the world of cosmetics. Its versatility ensures it’s an essential component in various beauty products.

ISOPENTYL DIOL™ promises performance, safety, and elegance, from moisturising skin to restoring damaged hair.



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Main applications


Multifunctional Ingredient:

A versatile component suitable for various cosmetic applications. Its adaptability ensures it seamlessly integrates into diverse formulations, enhancing their overall performance and feel.


Emulsion Excellence:

Reduced droplet size ensures better consistency. The characteristic ensures a smoother application, leading to a more even product distribution on the skin and enhancing the user experience.


Improved Dispersion:

Enhances the dispersion of oxides like TiO2 or ZnO. It ensures that products have a uniform appearance and consistency, preventing any uneven patches or colour discrepancies in the final application.


Synergy with Sorbitol:

Works with Sorbitol to care for cuticles. The combined effect of both ingredients provides added nourishment and protection, ensuring healthier and more resilient cuticles.

Standard Grades & Properties (Can Be Picked From The ISOPENTYL DIOL Brochure – Both Pages)

Dive Deeper into Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™

Embark on a beauty journey with Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™:

  • Cosmetic Mastery: At the forefront of cosmetic innovation and excellence.
  • Versatile Applications: Designed to infuse various products with enhanced properties.
  • Safety First: Prioritizing user safety with a commendable safety profile.
  • Eco-Conscious: Leading the way in sustainable cosmetic solutions.

With Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™, you’re not just selecting a cosmetic ingredient but embracing a world of beauty and care.

Unlock the Beauty Secrets of Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™

Dive into the world of Kuraray ISOPENTYL DIOL™ with our comprehensive guide.

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