Alkali-soluble polymer offering standout features.


ISOBAM™ is a copolymer made from isobutylene and maleic anhydride and comes in a powder form. It can be used as a water-soluble polymer that reacts with sodium hydroxide, ammonia, and amine. Additionally, it can create helpful reactants when combined with alcohol, amine, and epoxy compounds.

Industries Used

ISOBAM™ finds its utility across a spectrum of industries due to its versatile properties such as alkali solubility and heat resistance. From acting as a stabilizer in emulsion polymerization to being an effective binder in ceramic powder and glass fibre, its varied applications make it a sought-after material in numerous manufacturing processes, ensuring quality and durability.

Ensuring stable and reliable emulsion polymerisation.

Providing strong and durable adhesion for wood and paper.

Enhancing binding in ceramics for improved shape and strength.

Improving binding in glass fibre production for robust fibres.

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Standard grades and properties

Grades Molecular weight Exterior Particle distribution Density (g/cm3) Melting point Filling density (g/cm3) Volatile portion (%)
ISOBAM™-600 5,500~6,500 Powder 1.3 None 0.4~0.7 ≦5
ISOBAM™-04 55,000~65,000 Powder 12~200 mesh ≦88% 1.3 None 0.3~0.5 ≦4
ISOBAM™-06 80,000~90,000 Powder 12~200 mesh ≦88% 1.3 None 0.3~0.5 ≦4
ISOBAM™-10 160,000~170,000 Powder 12~200 mesh ≦88% 1.3 None 0.3~0.5 ≦4
ISOBAM™-18 300,000~350,000 Powder 12~200 mesh ≦88% 1.3 None 0.3~0.5 ≦4
ISOBAM™-104 55,000~65,000 Powder 12~200 mesh ≦88% 1.3 None 0.3~0.5
ISOBAM™-110 160,000~170,000 Powder 12~200 mesh ≦88% 1.3 None 0.3~0.5
ISOBAM™-304 55,000~65,000 Powder 12~200 mesh ≦88% 1.3 None 0.3~0.5
ISOBAM™-306 80,000~90,000 Powder 12~200 mesh ≦88% 1.3 None 0.3~0.5
ISOBAM™-310 160,000~170,000     12~200 mesh ≦88% 1.3 None 0.3~0.5

Applications - Standard Types

Lubricant for forging and casting

Water-based binders for ceramic powders

Emulsion polymerisation stabiliser

Emulsion type of adhesive for wood and paper

Hardening agent

Binder for glass fibre

Scale inhibitor

Circuit Boards Glass Fiber

Amide-ammonium types

Binder for ceramic powder

Binder for solid catalyst

Water-soluble paint

Air freshener

Imide types

Emulsion polymerisation stabiliser

Emulsion type of adhesive for wood and paper

Key Characteristics

  • Alkaline Water-Soluble Polymer: ISOBAM™ is recognised for its ability to dissolve in alkaline water, providing a versatile base for various applications. It is used in various processes where water solubility is crucial, ensuring ease of use and application in different industrial settings.
  • Superior Heat Resistance: Isobam showcases remarkable heat resistance compared to other water-soluble polymers. The quality makes it a preferred choice in applications that encounter high-temperature processes or environments, ensuring stability and sustained performance under heat.
  • Variable Viscosity with Alkali Content: The viscosity of Isobam’s aqueous solution can be adjusted from acidic to alkaline by controlling its alkali content. The adaptability allows for tailored usage in various applications, ensuring optimal performance by modifying its flow and spread characteristics.
  • Diverse Grades for Varied Viscosity: Isobam is available in different grades, each offering a distinct aqueous solution viscosity based on its molecular weight. The diversity allows it to cater to specific needs across applications, providing options to choose a grade that aligns with particular viscosity requirements.
  • Solubility and Binder Performance: Isobam excels in solubility and acts as an effective binder. Its ability to dissolve and bind components ensures it can be utilised in applications requiring different elements’ cohesion, providing a sturdy and reliable binding solution.
  • Extreme Hardness: Known for its extreme hardness, Isobam ensures robustness in applications where durability is paramount. It also ensures that products maintain structure and integrity, providing a stable and sturdy base for various applications and uses.

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