Kuraray’s trademark hydrophobically modified polyvinyl alcohol


EXCEVAL™ is a product by Kuraray known for its high water resistance, specially designed to meet the requirements of applications that demand this property. It is used as a dispersing aid and protective colloid for creating polyvinyl acetate emulsion for wood adhesives, achieving high water resistance without adding cross-linking agents.

It is also environmentally friendly and contributes to producing “formaldehyde-free” wood adhesives. In aqueous gas barrier coating applications, coatings made of EXCEVAL™ absorb significantly less humidity, providing coatings with excellent gas barrier properties towards various gases and aromas, even at elevated relative humidity. The coatings are also highly transparent and glossy, have a strong chemical resistance, and provide good adhesion to metallisation and excellent printability.

Industries Used

EXCEVAL™ is used to produce polyvinyl acetate emulsion with high water resistance like DIN D3 level.

EXCEVAL™ also forms an excellent oil and grease barrier when coated on papers due to its superior film-forming properties. It fills gaps between paper pulp effectively, resulting in less permeability of liquids. It is FDA-certified and can be used in paper coating formulas, positioning itself as a strong candidate for non-fluoro chemical barrier agents in the next generation of grease-proof papers.

Makes glues and adhesives stronger and water-resistant.

Creates tougher, water-resistant paper products.

Streamlining processes for robust, high-performing products.

Crafting secure, sustainable solutions for product protection.

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Textile sizing and finishing

Pigmented paper coatings

Photosensitive coatings

Barrier coating of films, paper, and other substrates from aqueous solutions

Key Characteristics

  • Improved water resistance of film: EXCEVAL™ helps make films and products not let water through easily. Things stay dry and safe from water damage for a longer time. It also helps liquids stay the same thickness, even in the cold, ensuring they work well in all weather.
  • Paper processing agent: EXCEVAL™ makes paper resist water better and needs less initial coating. It also works well with different kinds of solvents and helps with using top coats and thick paper, making it versatile in paper production.
  • Gas Barrier Versus Various Gases and Organic Substances: EXCEVAL™ acts like a strong wall against different gases (like oxygen and carbon dioxide) and organic materials, not letting them pass through easily. It is important to keep products safe from gases that might harm them, ensuring they last longer and stay in good quality.

Standard grades and properties

TypeGradeVolatile matter %Sodium acetate %Hydrolysis mol%Viscosity (4%, 20℃) mPa·sPurity %
Fully hydrolyzedAQ-41045.0 or lower1.0 or lower98.0 – 99.03.5 – 4.594.0 or higher
HR-30105.0 or lower1.3 or lower99.0 – 99.412.0 – 16.094.0 or higher
RS-21175.0 or lower1.0 or lower97.5 – 99.025.0 – 30.094.0 or higher
Medium hydrolyzedRS-17175.0 or lower1.0 or lower92.0 – 94.023.0 – 30.094.0 or higher

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