EVAL™ Monolayer Film

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EVAL™ Monolayer Film

Add outstanding barrier properties to any laminate structure.

About EVAL™ Monolayer Film

EVAL™ film is a monolayer film made by Kuraray in Japan, composed of either F-type or E-type of EVAL™ resin. It can be easily laminated to other materials. Depending on the application requirements, it can be used as either the surface, interior or sealing layer.

EVAL™ monolayer film provides ultra high barrier performance from biaxially oriented and even metalized EVOH. Several grades of EVAL™ film take EVOH high barrier, chemical resistance and anti-scalping properties to industrial, pharmaceutical and other applications not possible with co-extrusion.

Offers safety and efficiency for diverse industrial uses.

For vehicles, EVAL™ ensures fuel tanks don’t leak, contributing to long-lasting performance and safety.

Secure storage for chemicals due to its resistance to solvents.

Enhance packaging with superior gas barrier properties, keeping products fresh.

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Applications - Non-food packaging:

Industrial (Vacuum Insulation Panels)

Medical & pharmaceutical

Pet food

Insect repellent

Containers for agrochemicals

Soil fumigating films

Vacuum insulation panels

Districted energy pipes

Standard grades and properties

EVAL™ monolayer film for lamination. Superior EVOH barrier properties aren’t just for co-extrusion any more.

Key Characteristics

  • Ultra-High Barrier Performance: EVAL™ film offers protection against gases such as Oxygen, MAP gases like CO₂ and N₂, and even rarer gases like Helium, Hydrogen, and Argon, ensuring contents remain fresh and uncontaminated.
  • Chemical Resistance: With its unique composition, EVAL™ film exhibits strong resilience against solvents, making it an ideal choice for chemical packaging and safeguarding volatile substances.
  • Anti-Scalping Properties: EVAL™ film retains essential ingredients, aromas, and flavours, preventing them from being absorbed into the packaging material, ensuring product integrity.
  • Versatility in Lamination: Made by Kuraray in Japan, EVAL™ film can be easily laminated to various materials and tailored for use as the surface, interior, or sealing layer, depending on application requirements.
  • Alternative to Aluminium Foil: Offering a plastic solution with exceptional aroma retention, EVAL™ film is an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to traditional aluminium foil in packaging.CO₂

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