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ELVANOL™, is known for its unique particle morphology derived from a special production process, expanding its application range. It can dissolve in continuous cooking processes designed for starch, where standard polyvinyl alcohols might remain undissolved, which is particularly beneficial in paper coating applications. It also offers improved water solubility and dissolving time, potentially reducing energy consumption significantly.

Industries Used

ELVANOL™ can produce enhanced blending with fine particle materials like inorganic fillers, providing a more uniform mould in compression moulding-type applications. ELVANOL™ T grades, developed especially for warp sizes for polyester/cotton blends and other spun yarns, offer increased solubility in water under alkaline conditions, vital to more effective “de-sizing.”

Enhances paper by providing a strong coating that resists water and improves quality.

Ensures a smooth mould by blending well with fine particle materials.

Its T grades provide easy “de-sizing” and meet environmental standards.

Amplifies adhesive manufacturing with its strong bonding capabilities

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Textile sizing and finishing

Photosensitive coatings

Pigmented paper coatings

Key Characteristics

  • Excellent Film Formation: ELVANOL™ is great at creating films or thin layers that are strong and uniform. It can form a smooth and even surface coating, applicable in various applications, like creating protective layers or barriers in different products.
  • High Bonding Power: With its high bonding power, ELVANOL™ can stick things together very effectively. It’s a reliable choice in industries that need a strong adhesive, ensuring things stay attached and maintain their structure, especially where durability is crucial.
  • Very Good Barrier Properties: ELVANOL™ acts like a shield, keeping unwanted gases and substances from passing through. It is valuable in packaging, where it helps to protect products by preventing gases, aromas, or other substances from getting in or out.
  • No Health Hazards: Using ELVANOL™ is safe as it doesn’t pose health risks. It can be used in various applications without worrying about harmful effects, making it a secure choice for products that come into contact with people.
  • Biodegradable and Recyclable: ELVANOL™ is environmentally friendly because it can break down naturally and be recycled. Products made with it won’t just sit in landfills, helping to reduce waste and be kinder to our planet.
  • Can be Combined with Many Reactants: ELVANOL™ is versatile and can mix well with many different materials. It can be used in various applications and industries, from creating new compounds to enhancing the properties of existing ones, providing flexibility in manufacturing processes.

Standard grades and properties

TypeGradeVolatile matter %Ash content %Hydrolysis mol%Viscosity (4%, 20 ºC) mPa·spH
ELVANOL™71-305.0 or lower0.7% or lower99.527.0 – 33.05.0 – 7.0
90-505.0 or lower0.7% or lower99.511.6 – 15.45.0 – 7.0
T-25 5.0 or lower0.7% or lower99.524.0 – 32.05.0 – 7.0
T-665.0 or lower0.7% or lower99.511.6 – 15.45.0 – 7.0


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