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Kuraray MTHP™ - The Vanguard of Eco-Friendly Solvent Innovation

Step into the future of environmentally-conscious chemical processes with our groundbreaking solvent.

Discover Kuraray MTHP™

Kuraray MTHP™ stands as a beacon in innovative solvents, marking a significant stride in environmentally friendly chemical processes. With its unique features, MTHP™ not only simplifies organic processes but significantly reduces wastewater and emissions, making it a champion for sustainable chemical practices.

It has been a symbol of excellence in the solvent industry for years, setting new benchmarks and redefining what it means to be efficient and eco-friendly. Kuraray MTHP™ isn’t just a solvent; it’s a commitment to a greener, safer future.

Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

Kuraray MTHP™, with its unparalleled features, is poised to revolutionise the world of solvents. Its high hydrophobicity, safety, stability, and solvency power make it an invaluable asset across diverse applications.

From its chemical name, 4-Methyltetrahydropyran, to its molecular identity, C6H12O, MTHP™ promises performance, safety, and a reduced environmental footprint.



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Main applications


High Hydrophobicity:

Simplifies organic processes, reducing wastewater and emissions. The feature ensures a cleaner, more efficient process, minimising environmental impact and maximising yield.


High Safety:

Oxidizes slower, ensuring a safer chemical process. The characteristic ensures a longer shelf life and reduces risks associated with rapid oxidation, making it a preferred choice for many applications.


High Stability:

Remains stable in the presence of acids, bases, and Lewis acids. The stability ensures that MTHP™ can be used in various chemical reactions without degradation, ensuring consistent results every time.


High Solvency Power:

Comparable to THF, with the ability to dissolve inorganic salts. Its solvency power makes it a versatile solvent, suitable for various applications from extractions to complex chemical syntheses.


Versatile Usage:

Stable with organometallic reagents, boasts a higher boiling point than other ethers. The versatility means that MTHP™ can be used in a broader range of reactions, from high-temperature processes to those involving sensitive reagents.

Standard Grades & Properties (Can Be Picked From The MTHP™ Brochure – Both Pages)

Dive Deeper into Kuraray MTHP™

Embark on a transformative journey with Kuraray MTHP™:

  • Eco-Friendly Mastery: At the forefront of environmentally-conscious solvent innovation.
  • Diverse Applications: Crafted to permeate various industrial processes with enhanced properties.
  • Safety Paramount: Prioritizing user safety with an impeccable safety profile.

With Kuraray MTHP™, you’re not just selecting a solvent but aligning with a legacy of innovation and environmental responsibility.

Unlock the World of Kuraray MTHP™

Dive into the universe of Kuraray MTHP™ with our comprehensive guide

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